Private Residence|

After investigation of the residential building, week soil was found directly under the foot of the foundation in the corner of the house. According information from the Customer, the house was built on made ground 2-4 m deep from the level of the level eath of a residential building.


Groundtek Geopolymer Injection was the appropriate method to stabilise the shallow soils and improve the bearing capacity. The Groundtek ground stabilisation works took 1 day to complete and were carried out without the need for the tenants to move out of their properties.


The work on soil improvement was carried out with constant laser monitoring of the lifting the structure. The laser level recorded the micromovements of the residential building structure, which indicates the achievement of the set goal: an increase in the bearing capacity of the soils at the foundation. According to the readings of the instruments, the corner of the building was raised vertically by 1 mm. The work was completed in 6 hours.