Voids production filling

Groundtek void filling solutions can be used to fill any size of void. Our systems are ideal for filling pipelines, basements, tunnels, caves, mine shafts and conduits. Groundtek specialise in the application of a range of materials to fill voids, depending on the size and location. Our solutions have proved to be a super-fast alternative to conventional void filling. All of our materials are recyclable, so if at a later date the void needs to be accessed, the geopolymer can be removed.

Where required, we also provide a specialist load bearing void fill solution that can be applied directly and through a small hole, offering a non-disruptive solution for the customer needs. The Groundtek void filling process involves filling a cavity, either with a specific Groundtek geopolymer or with a combination of deactivated clay balls and Groundtek geopolymer. The filling is achieved by using lightweight materials that do not overload the underlying soil. In case of a damaged structure above the void, the ground between the void and the structure can be treated by applying Groundtek ground improvement solutions.



Expanded lightweight geo-polymer

A unique, expanded structural geopolymer that becomes super-light in weight with good bearing resistance;


Can be pumped over 70 metres

Expanded before placement and with a short gel time, it displaces residual liquids and can be applied underwater.

Voids filling tunnels

Produced on-site from a liquid base using minimal plant and equipment

Produced on site from a liquid base and can be poured, pumped or injected into voids, holes or interstitial spaces – or laterally over long distances;


Neat solution designed to be as non-disruptive as possible

The geopolymer can be applied in connection with the clay balls, creating a perfect bonding;

Repair operations

Benefil voids filling uretek

Preliminary quiz

Definition the volume and geometry of the cavity. As a result specification, repair methods are designated.

Preparatory work.

Applied layout for drilling holes in order to inject geopolymer composition through them.


Injection of Groundtek void filling compound. If lightweight aggregates are used, then the geopolymer is pumped between the material or at the top so that mass and compression of the material can be achieved.

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Slub lifting road

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