What is Water Ingress?

Water sealing

Water sealing is another service that Geobear provides, utilising versatile and effective processes that will save you a lot of hassle down the line. Water ingress can do major damage to a home or business and can enormously disrupt construction work that’s being carried out.

Water ingress is when water makes its way into buildings. It can come in various different forms, as water can enter the building in different ways. For example, it is common for water to get in via the basement, but it can also enter through the roof or the walls of a building if the building materials have become damaged or deteriorated. It goes without saying that water ingress means big problems for the building and its inhabitants.

Prevention is Key

Sewerage water sealing

As with any building maintenance, it is always easier and cheaper to put preventative measures in place than to repair damage caused by a major issue such as a flood.

Our water sealing solutions are becoming increasingly commonplace in the UK. The increase in flooding in recent years has seen a rise in the demand for a preventative measure for water ingress and also a permanent barrier in already saturated environments. The cost of repairing severe water damage is far more than the cost of Groundtek's preventative measures, so don’t put off getting your at-risk areas water sealed.

A High Tech Solution

Water barrier

The process we use follows the core principles behind our resin injection methodology. The materials we use are closed cell and impermeable, meaning the injection and subsequent expansion of the materials forms a sealed barrier against any liquids.

We use our water sealing techniques on work sites where a barrier needs to be created to facilitate construction or where structures are already below the water line and the integrity is compromised by water migration. For example, basements are a common area which often require water sealing to prevent damage or mould. Certain soils are more susceptible to water flow damage – if you’ve got sand or gravel then preventative water sealing is even more crucial.



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