Slub lifting, Airport Landside

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The one of the runway slabs at National Airport is subsided. The slab has a longitudinal crack along which subsidence is observed. As a result, there is a difference in height with neast slabs from 14 to 17 mm, which leads to problems of operation.

Leveling and stabilizing the landside


Befor starting work site was carried out a preliminary survey. Based on the investigated data, it was diceded that there was a week soil, and in order to ensure the required bearing capacity of the base, compaction of the base was required. Factors to consider: any repair work on the runway must be carried out at the maximum speed that Groundtek provides.


he re-leveling structures involves the injection of a special expanding compound through small-diameter holes under the pavement structure. Expanding geopolymer injected between the soil and the structure gives the expansion coefficient by 20 to 1, capable of re-leveling the coating. The work was carried out under the constant laser monitoring of the lifting of the structures. The effectiveness of the foundation of the foundation was established by the actual lifting of the sagging structures to the design level. The maximum lift of structures in the most subsided places was 20 mm. The work time is shortest time.