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Category of project: Residantial building, Public building,

The administrative center of the Belarusian Orthodox Church, which is th historical and cultural building was deformated the basement during for a long time. It was reflected in the aesthetic appearance of the building. Over the time, the cracks began to become more aggressive. Cracks appeared in t… Read More

Slub lifting, Airport Landside

Category of project: Airport Landside, Roadway,

The one of the runway slabs at National Airport is subsided. The slab has a longitudinal crack along which subsidence is observed. As a result, there is a difference in height with neast slabs from 14 to 17 mm, which leads to problems of operation. Read More

Slub lifting road

Category of project: Roadway, Toll Road,

The work was carried out with constant laser monitoring of the lifting of the structures. The effectiveness of the work was established by the fact that the subsided structures were lifted to the design level. Maximum lifting of structures in the most subsided places. Read More


Category of project: Private Residence,

After investigation of the residential building, week soil was found directly under the foot of the foundation in the corner of the house. According information from the Customer, the house was built on made ground 2-4 m deep from the level of the level eath of a residential building. Read More