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Principal stages in the projects of grained in the commercial sphere

definition of the problem

Obligible or uneven floors (plates), solid surfaces and foundations can be a sign of deformation of the ground base grounds.It is important to note that they can represent the danger of the failure, especially if the consequence becomes the accumulation of water in certain places.It further increases the risk for building structures and for the vital activity of you and your employees.

If, for example, the problem area is a solid support for power plants and equipment, then uneven floors can lead to the fact that the machines will become covered or unauthorized.It can create significant maintenance problems and productivity of machinery and equipment;Some sensitive machines can start producing defective products.Very often it may even lead to cancellation warranty on machines and mechanisms.

Uneven surfaces usually indicate the sorting of soil under them, which almost always tends to even greater degradation, leading to expensive or difficult to eliminate damage to buildings and structures.Even an uneven driveway, left without attention, can become fragmented (broken into small parts) and non-recoverable.

It is very important to eliminate these problems as soon as possible to prevent further damage and potential hazards.


Application of Injection Technologies Граундтек

The solution of the above-mentioned problems begins with strengthening the soil at the base of the structure, an increase in its bearing capacity and equalizing the design itself.Граундтек has a number of solutions that can help return the design or concrete slab to the previous level, restoring it for the future.

We replaced traditional, expensive and dirty methods of recovery by the "surgical approach" using injections, which in fact does not destroy and does not interfere with the work of the structures.In the overwhelming majority of cases, you can still manage your business while we work in place.

Projects can often be completed in one day (2 shifts = 1 working day).The finished surface is sufficiently stable to undergo workloads within 30 minutes after applying our patented solutions to improve the ground and re-alignment soils.

We begin with the fact that we drill small holes in the ground.Then we establish injection tubes according to the scheme developed by the company's engineers, then we introduce our patented polymer Граундтек to fill the voids and strengthening the weak soil.Then the solution slowly lifts and aligns the structures.

For large and complex designs, we use our advanced column or parallel injection methods, up to control through computerized systems.


Visible Results

As the foundations or supports rise back to their "correct" level, you will see that the gaps or cracks begin to close.The floors are becoming even again, and all accumulating water should drain on the designed path.

The risk of stubbing and slipping will be radically reduced, and most importantly, the equipment should work stably and correctly after the re-calibration.

If there were cracks in the walls of the building, they can begin to close as the resin solution Граундтек raises the foundation back to its estimated initially level.If the doors and windows are overwhelmed, they must start opening and closing correctly again.

Our proprietary solution is a unique "two in one" solution, which provides both improved base soil and re-alignment of structures and, significantly, the result may be reinforced by a 60-year warranty for the result.Граундтек enhances the soil and foundation, increases its carrying capacity of up to 500% in certain geological conditions.

This is an economical, fast and accurate solution will allow you to return to safe life and work faster.

Published: Oct. 11, 2020 by author Groundtek

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Rozanova Anastasija· Oct. 14, 2021

That is, without a survey, you useless to handle the questionship of work.If you stead over the Internet, almost every site offers a calculation for 5 seconds and 5 questions ...

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Evgenij Novitskij (inzhener GROUNDTEK) Oct. 14, 2021

Yes sir.Without a quantitative understanding of the current situation of the object, talk about any figures of the cost - is the wrong and risky act


Lykova Marija· Oct. 24, 2020

That is, you "like everyone else" cannot count the project according to the words of the aspecting?

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Aleksandr Sinchenko (inzhener GROUNDTEK) Oct. 24, 2020

Unfortunately no.Just like the doctor will not be able to make a diagnosis and assign treatment to you.In response for your work, we are obliged to collect current actual data on the situation on the facility.


Panfilov Ivan· Oct. 15, 2020

Are there any examples of work with the use of computerized complexes?What does it look like?

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Aleksandr Sinchenko (inzhener GROUNDTEK) Oct. 15, 2020

What do you have in mind?A certain majority of GroundTek objects has two SCCH: manual engineering and automated computer


Shirjaev Boris· Dec. 19, 2021

Conducting a survey What value is directly for the customer, and also you need to pay for it!?
In essence, the customer needs a digit of the cost of work, and not a survey!
What do you say to it?

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Aleksandr Sinchenko (inzhener GROUNDTEK) Dec. 19, 2021

Value represents information on the degree of soil compacon, the presence and level of groundwater, cavities and coarse assessment of the composition of the soil.This data is applicable widely: ranging from the choice of type and blocking of the foundation for new construction and to the choice of suitable technology for repair or reconstruction.


Trofimova Marija· Dec. 12, 2020

Survey Survey Return ... What is your survey scale?Is it somehow correlated with the cost of work then?

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Aleksej Karpovich (inzhener GROUNDTEK) Dec. 12, 2020

You are absolutely right.The name one can be and the content can be treated.We always make the minimum necessary examination, giving the necessary minimum of information on a fee.Specialists try to get more information without paying.Correlations as such not, responding to the second question


Sergeeva Zhanna· Dec. 26, 2021

And where is your company?Can I come and look at your stuff?Or how is the work?

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Evgenij Novitskij (inzhener GROUNDTEK) Dec. 26, 2021

To familiarize yourself with the materials you can drive up one of two production bases to Moscow or Bataysk.Read more on the contact page


Ermolova Alla· Oct. 28, 2020

And how deeply "need to examine the house to understand the price of the decision?

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Aleksej Karpovich (inzhener GROUNDTEK) Oct. 28, 2020

The minimum must be inspected by nodes and supporting structures, as well as conduct a base examination.If after that the picture does not clear up, then it will be necessary to move to geological research


Grekova Tamara· Dec. 11, 2021

Good afternoon, in the workshop on the plate 400 mm there is a 57 ton press machine, an area of about 40 squares, the stove gave a precipitate for 8 centimeters, will return to the original?And what you need to do?

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Aleksandr Efimchik (inzhener GROUNDTEK) Dec. 11, 2021

Return.You need to examine the base for current supporting characteristics and carry out the settlement of the structure

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