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Base Distribution - Definition, Causes and Signs

What is drawdown?

The drawdown (base drawdown) is the process of sending the Earth under your building, as a result of which the foundation of your home is also deformed and seats, as its support and structure weaken.Drawer can become the worst nightmare of the owner or manager, as it can become a serious problem for your property, if you do not pay attention to it.

Causes Distribution

Sailing can occur for a number of reasons:

Roots of trees

       Наиболее частой причиной проседания в сельской местности являются корни деревьев (чаще всего корни ивы, вяза, ясеня и дуба). Roots of trees, посаженные рядом с вашим домом, извлекают и поглощают влагу из земли под вашим домом, высушивая грунт и вызывая его осадку и дестабилизацию.

Type of soil

Buildings built on a clay base, more often suffer from drawdown.Clay is a soil that is compressed when drying and removes the foundation, relaxing the support.Similarly, the land with a high content of sand or gravel is vulnerable to washing from the foundation if water flows in the ground (including climatic precipitation).

Climate / weather

Drawer can occur when the weather changes the state of the earth under your home.The soils are expanding in wet weather and shrink in dry, so long periods of wet autumn-spring weather and long periods of dry summer weather cause constant oscillations of groundwater and make land under your unstable house.


Real estate, built in areas susceptible to drought, is vulnerable for sediment, as the soil can shrink, crack, dry and move into hot and dry weather, which leads to instability of carrier structures.Similarly, real estate objects built in river floods or in areas exposed to flooding are at risk, since the soil can become water saturated and washed off from the foundation with excessive amount of water.

Flowing waters

Sailing is also caused by flowing (uncommon) drainage and gutters.Water that leaks into the ground under your property, blurs the base under your home, especially sandy and gravel.The leaks also cause impregnation with water of the Earth, as a result of which the foundation is seated and deformed.


Real estate built in the territories previously used as mines or quarries is also suspended.The construction of property on the surface of the previously cultivated territory has a weaker and unstable forecast for the future.

Signs (signs) drawdown

Pay attention to the following warning signs of sending:

cracks - the main warning sign of sending.

Cracks point to sediment if:

- They appeared on the inner and external brick walls;

- Cracks on the wall are distributed diagonally;

- Cracks are present where other structures are adjacent to the house;

- cracks 3 mm width and thicker;

- cracks less than 3 mm and have a dynamics;

- cracks are heterogeneous in width;

- cracks near windows and doors;

- Cracks that appeared after long periods of arid or rainy weather

- Cracks relatively quickly expand (within a month)

Other signs of sending include:

- Doors and windows jammed and stick

- "wrinkles" or "ripple" on wallpaper or other finishing materials

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Yes, this is a common mistake of homeowners.Very much in this matter depends on the type of plant


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Objects are clear to so much that it is impossible to give universal miscalculations.Here as in the diagnosis of people - individual approach and calculation of treatment


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It is terrible that when construction allows such errors, you can save the foundation using modern technologies, and the windows, doors and walls simply have to be repaired!

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