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Out or blurry floors can be a sign of drawdowns or problems with the foundation of the building

When it comes to the main constructive problems of the real estate object, it is important that they are considered as soon as the problem arises - to avoid inconveniences and accidents.The building can be asked in different places or in the worst circumstances may suffer all the foundation.With the help of a number of effective Граундтек solutions, you can help you and make the whole solution to solve less tense, allowing you to live happily in your home or exploit commercial real estate.

What does the "falling" floor mean?(Roll, drawdown, cracks, deformations)

Concrete floors in the house can sometimes be subjected to settlement, which is a sedimentation of concrete due to the movement of the ground or foundation, on which the floor is arranged. The building can be asked in various localized points or can settle unevenly, but throughout the area of ​​the foundation of the house, depending on where and what size is the affected area. Surface, if you lose it without attention, it can be a very serious problem that will be aggravated and lead to Further deformations of structures, cracks in the walls, window and other significant damage to the building.

What are the probable reasons for subsidence?

Some buildings are exposed to more risk than others when it comes to weakening the foundation.There are also many geological, anthropogenic and seasonal factors that can increase the likelihood of problems in your home:

  • Глинистый грунт может сжиматься, трескаться и смещаться в жаркую, сухую погоду, а затем расширяться в периоды сильных осадков (или морозов), что делает грунт очень нестабильным и потенциально приводит к оседанию фундаментов

  • После засухи песчаная или мелкозернистая земля становится намного суше, что приводит к ее перемещению, что может повлиять на фундаменты зданий

  • Деревья и кустарники также могут быть фактором, особенно если они находятся рядом с фундаментами объектов недвижимости. Некоторые виды растений поглощают намного больше воды, делая землю локально намного суше

  • Более старые объекты недвижимости могут иметь более «мелкий» фундамент, то есть слабозаглублен либо недостаточно широк.

  • Протекающие стоки и водопроводные сети могут размыть или размягчить основание, в результате чего она будет уплотнятся под весом здания

  • Вода в виде осадков заливает и промывает землю, вызывая насыщение грунтов основания под фундаментами домов и, в свою очередь, движение конструкций

  • Смывы из сломанных муниципальных труб (таких как водопровод, канализация, ливневая канализация)

  • Эрозия, землетрясения и другая геологическая активность

  • Вибрации, вызванные интенсивным дорожным движением, машинами или близлежащими земляными или свайными работами

  • Износ подпорных стенок

How can Граундтек help eliminate the problem?

Methods Граундтек to improve the foundation and leveling of concrete floors when drawdring houses and structures are effective to strengthen the seeding floors in buildings of any size and destination.The team of specialists of Граундтек will visit your building, will evaluate the damage and establish the cause of what is happening.Our experienced engineers and techniques will develop the necessary draft decision corresponding to your needs.

Our advanced solutions are a modern response to traditional cementation or injection of all sorts of polymers.Our non-invasive, clean and time-effective solutions for strengthening floors are intended not only for concrete coatings - we can raise and align supports, plates cards, as well as level tracks and access roads.

This lifting and alignment eliminate the need and costs of replacement of the floor or dismantling with the restoration of brick walls, while maintaining the value of the object.Work is performed with minimal interference to operate the building.In many cases, the user or tenant can remain in the building.

In contrast to the more traditional methods for strengthening the supporting structures of buildings, our injecting methods of resins Граундтек are faster and in most cases are performed outside using metal tubes with a diameter of 10 mm.If you want to work out the inner area, only 6 mm tubes are used.The size of the tubes indicates that the penetration into the room is minimal.

Published: June 8, 2021 by author Groundtek

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Gorbunova Tamara· Nov. 8, 2021

Tell me, and the roots of the trees after the work will not be able to destroy the polymer support of the foundation or from plants will have to get rid of?

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Aleksandr Sinchenko (inzhener GROUNDTEK) Nov. 8, 2021

Roots seek where there is moisture and open pores.None of any other material

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