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Solution of geotechnical engineering problems for various spheres of economics

Commercial Sector:

Ensuring the safety of premises when re-aligning or restoring the supporting structures.Граундтек® raises, aligns and maintains buildings and structures of any size.It also corrects not stable (moving) and sensible access roads, parking spaces, floors and foundations.Technologies strengthen and stabilize a weak ground ground.

As a result:

- eliminates the danger of alarm and shutdown

- disappear places of water clusters or other technical fluids

- unwanted emptiness and cavity will be filled

- Doors and windows are returned to the working condition

- unsightly cracks in the walls can completely close

Since Граундтек® uses a local injection method similar to microsurgery, the method is not only economical, but also reduces business downtime to 0. Your business can work in normal mode without having to move furniture, inventory or equipment.There will be no disorder and dirty work (including dismantling and excavations), so you do not need to be additionally worried about customers, tenants or employees are safe.

Transport and Communal Infrastructure:

Maximizing and extending the current value of assets, Граундтек successfully leveled and restores everything - from concrete slabs and sidewalks to roads and bridges.We also use our technologies to fill the cavities, emptiness and abandoned pipes, while maintaining these areas safe.Non-invasive methods save time, so work can be performed quickly and without harmful environmental impact.

Using the Граундтек® techniques, we can:

- help in preventing water and erosion of structures

- stabilization of layers and layers in tunnels

- Strengthening the foundation and soil

- Assistance in the outcome of the old infrastructure

- Consolidation and fixing of soils around infrastructure

- Improved backfilling of retaining walls and slopes

Mineral mining:

Stabilization of inhomogeneous soil to improve security.Граундтек can help stabilize overhead structures, such as Rail Refayer or Stacker stacker rails, conveyor belt supports, tanks and machinery, as well as roads and overpass.This allows you to minimize safety risks and downtime with all types of mining work.We can also fill the voids and rehabilitation procedures after the extraction exhaustion, as well as the control of water or gas penetration.

We use special resins to stabilize the layers in mines and tunnels, reducing the dangerous movement of the soil and the instability of sedimentary rocks.

Specialists Граундтек have many years of experience, helping mining companies to solve the problems of soil instability and grounds.

Production and Warehouse Sector:

Supporting the work of the equipment and the value chain as a whole, regardless of the size of your building, driveway, or storage systems, Граундтек® provides a quick, reliable, economical and trouble-free solution for stable operation of the enterprise. For example, failing or deformed plates can be dangerous as a source of risks of stubbing or water accumulation, which in turn can create problems of labor protection and safety in industrial buildings. Uneven floors can withdraw the technique or beyond the tolerances, which can damage or even destroy it. The cost of maintenance or replacement of fixed assets can be high, including the costs of simple in technological processes. Using your resins, we can bring your building and floors back to level, avoiding constructive damage. Граундтек® also improves the carrying capacity of the ground ground, so you can confidently exploit heavy cargo tracks and store heavy loads in warehouses.

Граундтек® provides significant advantages, including:

- minimum failures and downtime

- no excavation, no mess

- Forklifts and trucks can move along concrete slabs and access roads in the usual mode, just 30 minutes after processing the local area

- No need to move inventory or equipment

- Storage shelves and conveyor systems are returned to the right working position.

Published: Oct. 10, 2020 by author Groundtek

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Larin Vitalij· Nov. 19, 2021

And what specifically experience in the territory of the Russian Federation?

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Aleksej Karpovich (inzhener GROUNDTEK) Nov. 19, 2021

There is a project implemented at the Rostov NPP


Gromov Vitalij· Nov. 10, 2020

Do you have technologies applicable in the mining industry?

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Aleksej Karpovich (inzhener GROUNDTEK) Nov. 10, 2020

Yes, about it one of the latest our blog articles


Isakova Milana· Oct. 15, 2021

And roads can be repaired in the regions with your material?

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Aleksej Karpovich (inzhener GROUNDTEK) Oct. 15, 2021

Repair ... You understand that the question is in the definition ... if the repair is to patch the fresh asphalt, formed potholes and pits to the new "season", then no.If the question is to strengthen and water the base, then of course yes


Kozina Nadezhda· Dec. 18, 2021

And roads?Bridges?Railway and other affairs?

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Aleksej Karpovich (inzhener GROUNDTEK) Dec. 18, 2021

This is all of course.Just this is devoted to another material.View or look for a special article.


Zharov Ivan· Dec. 13, 2020

Interesting technology!How long have she in Russia?Something did not hear about such

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Aleksej Karpovich (inzhener GROUNDTEK) Dec. 13, 2020

For a long time, although everything is relative.We work in Russia since 2013


Lapshin Ivan· Oct. 23, 2020

And comprehensive not the necessary collector?Is it to you?

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Aleksandr Efimchik (inzhener GROUNDTEK) Oct. 23, 2020

Depends on the project conditions.If without details, then yes it is to us including

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