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A little about the recovery process after the sediment of concrete structures

Past methods of repairing "Distinguished concrete" were diverse in performance, but I am also in fact: a tree, concrete, cement and steel pushed, turned over or somehow drove into the ground, trying to save the foundations or stoves.As a rule, the repair turned out to be useless.

Other, more successful recovery methods include significant interference with the current processes of vital activity or business that use the building.It is usually desirable that the problems of building slabs and foundations in residential areas are corrected without having to move all the furniture, household appliances and perhaps all residents.And for business, this equipment and employees.

However, thanks to modern technologies and trained professionals, there are a number of very successful solutions to the problem of uneven base precipitation, which practically do not violate a normal life or a business routine.

two most common repairs methods

These are mechanical or hydraulic jacks for beams and overlaps, as well as the "pile jack" or in other words, pressed piles.

While working with jacks, the cement mixture can be made under the stove or beam to create an additional lifting force, which restores the element to its original height.

With "piercing" steel piles pass through unstable soil, and hydraulic jacks are used to lift or stabilize concrete slabs affected by changes in the underlying soil.

It is important to understand: the recovery method used depends on the type of damage and the task being solved.

Selecting the right repair method

Before deciding on the repair method, you must determine what is the cause of the observable or hidden problem.Spend the inspection of the building and make notes that later discuss with the construction engineer.

The most commonly used method of correction small seizional sites , such as floor plates, driveways, sidewalks, tracks near the pools, etc., is a banal disassembly-installation.

The second convenient way of lifting the plate is the injection of polymer material through small, designed holes in the concrete plate. After the supply, the solution expands, fills emptiness, lifts and aligns the design. The material quickly solidifies in dense mass and provides a reliable support for the concrete slab. Polymer injection is a combined processing that not only restores the slab to proper quality of operation, but also stabilizes the soil to prevent the problem again. When working with cement, as the main filling substance, the problem of a weak base is not solved, and the problem will manifest itself again.

For more serious problems , especially when the foundation of residential and commercial buildings is shifted, hydraulic supports are usually used to lift and stabilize the foundation.

Pile works include the use of a system of design and arranged hydraulic (or mechanical) jacks for lifting structures to the desired level.The design (especially the team) must be lifted carefully to avoid further or unnecessary damage.The basis is designed deep enough so that it does not depend on changes in temperature and environmental humidity.

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