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Injection Граундтек using Floor Lifting Technology

Граундтек is a formalized "three in one" solution, which provides both an increased carrier capacity of the soil and re-alignment of the supporting structures. At the same time, the warranty can reach 60 years. The geopolymer resin will hydroize, raises, aligns and re-maintains the foundations of buildings quickly, economically and with minimal inconvenience for residents or users. The supports of the building or facilities rise and return to the required level quickly, without the need for expensive removal, downtime, demolition or excavation. The work is usually performed in mode similar to the "medical" operation when the resin is supplied through very small holes located in a special way outside or, in some cases, inside the building. Usually there is no need to move equipment, furniture or generally move.

Deep lifting with Groundtek Deep Lifting

For deeper development and reducing the base, a classic method of deep lifting injections is used. We inject one or more types of our polymer resins into the plots under the damaged structures, filling any microdistrics and cavities to maximize the strength of the soil resistance on the load rendered. Having obtained the conditional emphasis, the design is carefully rumbles from the "realized" position, how much the conditions allow the current conditions using the controlled force of the rise generated by the expanding resin.

Filling of bulk emptiness and cavities Граундтек void-fill

A certain kind of resin is Граундтек or strongly expanding (up to 60 times from the original volume), or on a cement basis, under construction (or in it), filling any emptiness available to restore support and bearing capacity. The expanding polymer resin is rapidly expanding when mixing during the feed, filling the emptiness in the ground or between the soil and construction. This method can also be used to stop the movement of water (tampony), filling abandoned communications (pipelines) and other artificial voids.

multi-injection technology Граундтек MULTI-INJECTION

This unique computer control injection system is widely used to align large and complex structures, such as multi-storey residential and commercial buildings. UMI system allows you to adjust the building level without using hydraulic jacks and other temporary lifting platforms. Neighboring buildings and property will in no way affect. Thanks to the technology, a very high degree of accuracy is achieved in achieving the result, and individual parts of the design are minimal overload, since all nodes are supported and reduced together with small "instant" consecutive injections of a rapidly frozen solution.

Published: May 26, 2021 by author Groundtek

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Erofeeva Alla· May 27, 2021

Interesting technology!And where can I see the rates for your work?

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Aleksandr Sinchenko (inzhener GROUNDTEK) May 27, 2021

As such, there are no rates, because restoration work implies the individuality of the building and its condition.Here it is more appropriate to talk about the cost of the project.They can be found on the page:


Malyshev Artem· May 26, 2021

It's nice that technology is not worth ... And we?Do not stand?:))) There is a feeling that there is no childish behind ...

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Aleksandr Sinchenko (inzhener GROUNDTEK) May 26, 2021

In general, you think so in vain.Russia is quite on the competitor to the border in the construction industry.There are many foreign contractors with modern technologies in the range in the market.

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