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Learning to recognize signs of problems with the foundation

Foundation of your home in a distressed position?Foundation problems can lead to serious constructive damage in your home.Whether you are a homeowner or a potential buyer, problems with the foundation scare, and you, accurately, many questions arise.

Some of the main questions are as follows:

  • Являются ли трещины в фундаменте нормой?

  • Во сколько обойдется ремонт?

  • Кто виноват или кто покроет ущерб?

Fortunately, there are ways to repaired the foundation without the need to pull it out and rebuild it from scratch.

If you foresee trouble, follow these steps:

What are the signs of problems with the foundation?

If you are interested, do you have problems with the foundation, then first need to assimilate that all reasons will fall asleep over time.Problems occur when this process is unevenly over the entire area of supporting supporting structures or extreme time.

Below are the general signs of an unstable foundation:

External Warning Signs:

  • Наклон стены

  • Щели вокруг проёмов дверей, окон и / или стен

  • Треснувшие стены

  • Разрушающийся и/или треснувший фундамент

  • Смещенные покрытия

Internal Warning Signs:

  • Несоосные двери и окна

  • Треснувший гипсокартон или перегородки

  • Трещины в полу

  • Неровные полы или крен

Convex floors, cracked walls and doors that do not close - all these are signs of the destruction of the foundation.Sixty percent of all houses built on lands inclined to deformities suffer from damage to the foundation.The problem occurs when only part of the foundation takes out or settles, causing cracks and other damage.This uneven movement is largely caused by water / moisture in soils.Loss or increase in humidity in the ground can lead to a serious shrinkage or swelling.

If the frame of the house does not begin to deform until it passes throughout the three-five years of normal operation, it is doubtful that the deformation is caused by the shrinkage of the foundation on the "new" basis.Cracks arise on each side of a part of a wall or foundation that is driving down, caused by a decrease in the carrying capacity of the soil.The sediment cracks are almost always horizontal or diagonal, and they should not be confused with cracks arising when the wall is subjected to lateral displacement from the soil pressure.

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